The Eighth International Conference on Instrumentation&Measurement, Computer, Communication and Control (IMCCC 2018)


会议名称:The Eighth International Conference on Instrumentation&Measurement, Computer, Communication and Control (IMCCC 2018)













Instrumentation and Measurement is the base of all the science and technology research. No measurement, no science. Measurement is the bridge between science and real world. Instrument (including sensors) is the tool of measurement and the source of information system. The technical support from computer, communication and control is necessary for the development of intelligent, virtual, automatic, systematic and networked modern instrumentation. However, computer, communication and control also depend on the development of modern instrumentation and measurement.Computer, Communication, Control,and Instrumentation&Measurementare interactive and promoted each other. The goal of this conference is to provide opportunities for researchers and engineers to contact with each other and academic exchange platform to facilitate disciplineindividual development and fusion of each other.

SCOPE: IMCCC 2018 is soliciting papers for the following (but not limited to) topics:

Track I: Instrument and Sensor

• Modeling and simulation

• Reliability design and analysis

• Testability Design

• Wide-band analog signal conditioning technology

• Dynamic local and reconfigurable FPGA technology

• Embedded systems and micro electromechanical systems technology and applications

• High-speed ADC & DAC and testing

• Real-time signal processing technology


• Bus Interface Technology

• Digital, intelligent, virtual, automatic, systematic, networked, modular and micro technology

• Advanced sensors, perceptor, actuator and RFID technology

• Novel Remote Sensing and Space information system architecture

• Other

Track II: Measurement, Test and Metrology

• Measurementsignal processing

• Voltage, power, frequency and impedance precision measurement

• Quantum etalon and transfer

• Processed surface detection technology and instrument

• Light and laser wavelength, power and spectrum measurements

• RF、MW、MMW、OW、LASER and Radiation measurement

• Thermal property measurement

• Function, structure, bypass, boundary scan and built-in test

• Virtual Test and Measurement

• Other

Track III: Computer

• High-performance processors and intelligent instrument

• Parallel, array and network computing and data processing on satellite

• Pervasive computing and terminal equipment

• Artificial intelligence and expert system based computer fault diagnosis

• Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition

• Simulated testing of computer equipment and network connectivity discovery

• Software module design and system integration technology

• Software bug mining

• Information security and network protection

Track IV: Communication

• Advanced encoding / decoding, modulation / demodulation and multiplexing, analysis of MIMO space channel and digital correction

• Novel access, switching, routing technology

• Private mobile radio

• Corporative diversity radio (CDR)

• Software Defined Radio (SDR)

• Cognitive radio

• Wireless network fusion technology

• Wireless network protocols analysis

• Data Communication Tester and Analyzer

• Fiber and Laser Communication

• High rate & anti-disturbant space communication

• Satellite networking communication

• Other

Track V: Control

• Adaptive, robust, distributed and optimized control

• Self-control and automatic equipment

• Navigation, Guidance, Control and Instrumentation

• Flight vehicle control and Drone Technology

• Thermal and electrical process control and instrumentation

• Automotive Instrumentation and Control

• Automatic online test and diagnosis for control equipment

• Other