6th ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security


会议名称:6th ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security










This workshop is one of the premier events in the area of multimedia security. It attracts researchers from all over the world. The workshop focuses on information hiding topics, such as digital watermarking, steganography, steganalysis, anonymity, hard-to-intercept communications, and covert/subliminal channels. It also covers a variety of multimedia security topics including multimedia identification and authentication, signal forensics, and biometrics. The research presented at this workshop captures the state-of-the-art conducted in academic, industrial, and government institutions around the world. Papers cover significant theoretical aspects of the field as well as novel industrial and commercial applications of techniques and algorithms developed in this area.


Submitted papers should address security and privacy aspects in relation to multimedia host signals in a broad sense (e.g., images, audio, video, text, traffic):

Forensics and counterforensics

Steganography and steganalysis

Covert and subliminal channels

Watermarking and fingerprinting

Networks and protocols



Using or advancing methods including, but not limited to:

Information, coding, and complexity theory

Game and decision theory

Statistical modelling

Machine learning and deep learning

Signal processing in the encrypted domain

Benchmarking and replication